Things you can do to help my campaign

The voters continue to inspire me. I just need more time, more money, and more volunteers to reach every voter in Arlington

Things you can do to help the campaign ...

  • Read local news articles about my campaign



  • Volunteer to host a meet and greet event at your home or in a public space

  • Send an email to at least 10 Arlingtonians asking them to visit the website

  • Go door knocking with me. My goal is to visit every Arlington neighborhood before election day

  • Donate. 2% of your annual county property tax to the campaign

  • Encourage your friends and neighbors to donate. Donors are not required to live in Arlington

  • Help young voters, especially college age voters, to vote

  • Tell me about your special skill or special connections. We can work together to find ways to use your skills or special connections to help the campaign

Every successful campaign needs donors, volunteers, and volunteer leaders.

Stay Centered,


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