Curb Rapid Urbanization


 I will resist the “upzoning” of residential communities while encouraging moderate density increases along major transit corridors.



Over the last two decades, the county government failed to adequately plan for and budget for the repair or replacement of our aging infrastructure.  ​Adding more density and impermeable surfaces will strain our infrastructure even more.



Rapid urbanization advocates are pushing for tens of thousands of new housing units that will bring tens of thousands of new students into our already overcrowded school system. Arlington does not have the land nor the money to build dozens of new schools, including another comprehensive high school. 

Housing Myths
Housing in Arlington is expensive, but there is no evidence that the DC area has an Affordable Housing “crisis.”  During the pandemic, vacancy rates increased, and rents decreased. Townhouses and row houses are not “missing” from Arlington’s housing stock.

Government run affordable housing programs are inefficient and ineffective and have had little positive impact on housing affordability. The millions of dollars of grants and loans given to affordable housing “nonprofit” developers “bonus density” deals with developers also open the door to corruption.